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Waste Reduction Tips

Help Reduce Waste and Reuse Materials Too!
Limit Purchases cart Choose Reusable (Durable) Goods china
  • Think before you buy, avoid impulse purchases and buy only what you need.
  • Borrow or rent books, tools and other things you will rarely use.
  • Launder cloth diapers, or use a diaper service, instead of tossing disposable ones.
  • Use china for food and coffee, instead of disposable plates and cups.
  • Buy rechargeable batteries.

Avoid Extra Packaging box

Buy Recyclable Goods recycle
  • Buy in bulk, rather than in single serving packages.
  • Avoid items sold in plastic "bubble" or "blister" packs.
  • Glass whenever possible
  • Plastics with one or two symbols
Sell or Donate Leftovers clothing Avoid Hazardous Chemicals chemicals
  • Offer unwanted paint, cleansers, etc. to friends or neighbors.
  • Give old clothing, furnature and appliances to charities
  • Have a yard sale.
  • Read product labels carefully
  • Choose non-hazardous products whenever possible
  • Dispose of chemicals only as directed
  • Make an appointment to dispose of hazardous materials at the HazChem Center.
Composting compost  
  • Recycle vegetable peels, lawn clippings, etc. and enrich your soil!
  • Your library or local extension service can offer advice.
  • Visit the Composting Page.

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