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Sharps and Needle Disposal

Sharps Disposal Information

Question: Why is there a concern over the disposal of "sharps" materials?

Answer: Because someone coming into contact with "sharps" materials has no way of knowing the origin or purpose of the material. Accidental sticks from sharps are costly to treat, with potential costs from one stick exceeding $500,000. Accidental needle sticks can spread over 20 blood borne diseases (such as HIV, hepatitis B & hepatitis C), cause physical and emotional trauma, and can be fatal.
Residents and businesses within the DMC Regional Waste Commission are reminded that proper care needs to be observed when disposing of items considered as "sharps". These items include, but may not be limited to, diabetic needles, syringes, and lancets.
Burlington area residents need to know that it is a violation of city code (chapter 105 of Solid Waste Control) to dispose of items considered as ÒsharpsÓ in their regular trash. Please refer to the following chart for information on proper sharps disposal options.
If you have any questions about sharps disposal, please contact us at (319) 753-8126, toll free 800-216-8126, or on-line form.

Sharps Disposal Chart
Burlington area pharmacies & medical supply stores
Business Tel # Sells containers accepts/fees
Heritage Park & Family Rx 768-3950 Y Y/N (accepts only in container they sold)
Hy-Vee Rx 752-2773 Y N
First Medical 753-2802 Y Y/N (no charge to return full container)
Heritage Med Sup 768-4300 Y Y/N
The Des Moines County Health Department gives out sharps containers to all who request them and accepts full containers at no charge- no questions asked.
Outside Burlington
Business Tel # Sells containers accepts/fees
Drug Town (Mt. Pleasant) 385-3163 Y Y (All containers) / No fee-customers only
Whaleys (Mt. Pleasant) 385-4849 N Y / No fee (gives customer container on request)
Great River Medical Center, the Henry County Health Center, and the Henry County Department of Public Health will not accept sharps materials from the public.

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