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The HazChem Center of Southeast Iowa serves all of Des Moines county and the cities of Morning Sun, New London, Mt. Pleasant, Salem, Rome, Westwood, Winfield, and Mt. Union. It is setup to dispose of the five types of hazardous waste:
e-waste, flammable, corrosive, reactive  and poisonous..

What is Household Hazardous Waste?
The term "household hazardous waste," refers to household products that posses one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Electronic Waste-anything computer related, TVs, audio and video equipment, etc.
  • Combustable-capable of being easily set on fire.
  • Corrosive-capable of burning or destroying living tissues and materials by chemical reaction.
  • Reactive-capable of exploding when exposed to heat or extreme pressure: may react violently when exposed to incompatible substances.
  • Toxic-able to cause severe injury or death when inhaled, ingested or absorbed throught the skin.

Electronic Waste Now Accepted
The HazChem Center of SE Iowa is now accepting electronic waste and light bulbs for recycling. Fees do apply please contact the HazChem Center for questions 319-753-8758. All electronic waste and light bulbs will be recycled domestically.

E-waste accepted includes:Light bulbs accepted include:
CRT monitors & TV's, console TV'sFluorescent tubes
LCD monitors & TV'sCompact fluorescent bulbs
Computer Hard drives & keyboardsHID Bulbs
Fax machines, copiers, other office equipment 

Fees do apply, call for details and other information at 319-753-8758 or 1-877-HAZCHEM. The HazChem center is located inside the DMC Regional Landfill located at 13758 Washington Road, West Burlington, IA.
Click here for important information about disposing
of electronics with screens.

Proper Handling Is Important
If these products are disposed of like ordinary waste, they can:

  • Injure sanatation workers.
  • Damage septic or sewer systems.
  • Cause explosions or fires.
  • Pollute or poison water supplies.

How to Handle Household Hazardous Waste
Some examples of household hazardous waste are listed below. Click on the link to print out a fact sheet on how to handle each material.

HazChem Center Printable Fact Sheets

oil paint mercury stains & varnish
lawn chemicals rechargeable batteries spray paint
automotive chemicals household cleaners safe cleaning alternatives

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